Responsive Design 

We create webpages that adapt to different screen sizes. In line with the global trend, our websites are responsive and are displayed correctly on most screen sizes and mobile devices.

  • Responsive Web Design: Web pages that are correctly displayed on cellphones, tablets, laptops, desktop, smartTV.
  • Online stores with shopping cart. Integration with checking-out features
  • Institutional Websites
  • Web Design
  • Platforms: WordPress, Drupal, and others.
  • HTML/CSS Layouts
  • Cross browser, correct display in most of the browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari.
  • Social networks integration: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin.
  • SEO positioning on the main search engines.
  • Integrated campaigns online/offline.
  • Online advertising managment.
  • Advertising photograpy.

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